Working In Reality TV

Working in Reality TV is somewhat of an oxymoron. While a large portion of a contestant’s time spent on a reality television show could be considered hard work, people are rarely putting work as a reality TV contestant on their professional resumes if they aren’t actors or actresses.

Reality TV Shows are Temporary and Require you to Put your Professional Life on Hold

So unless you are a consistent fixture on the reality television show in which you are appearing, like a host or co-host, your work in reality TV is likely to be short-lived.

Someone like celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe, makes a living on TV.

The amount of time you spend working on the set depends greatly on the type of show, and how your personal role develops on the show. In elimination challenges the better you do on the challenges within the show, the longer you will be working on the program. For game show contestants, their stint in reality television might only be one half-hour episode. For others, it might be a string of successful appearances on the same show. So again, your time spent working in reality TV is rather variable, ranging from a few minutes to several months.

As such the nature of working in reality TV is rather temporary. Most people quit or put previous jobs on hold during their experience in reality TV. Many return to old jobs after their experience while others move onto to new things. It is best though, considering the odds, to consider your work experience in reality TV a temporary job rather than something that will turn permanent.

After Reality TV

While nothing is for certain in the context of how your life will be after your reality TV experience, for many people working in entertainment, Reality TV is a huge stepping-stone into future work within the industry. Many people who appear on shows use the program as a starting off point for work as an actor or actress, and many contestants are so memorable they become launched into the world of entertainment as a permanent fixture. Some people who have won Reality TV shows have also won a large sum of money due to their success on the show. Often yielding a large lifestyle or career change for those lucky, life-changing few.

It is best still, to consider the odds of being accepted on a reality television cast and then to win that competition, as very slim. Working in reality television for most people means fifteen minutes of fame or less and a great story to tell friends after.

Realty television doesn’t always end with such an abrupt ending. Television producers and networks are very savvy in what means high ratings and working in reality television usually means contracts outlining who you can speak to and regarding what, until the show airs. Also, reunion shows are popular and contestants up to a certain point in many shows are obligated contractually to be present. As such your time working for a reality television program may include more time spent working on off-camera obligations than the time you are awarded on screen.

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