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Take a deep breath. Relax. Keep your eyes on your computer. You’re getting sleepy. Very, very sleepy. When I snap my fingers you’re going to do exactly what I say…

What do you really know about hypnotism? Hypnotism is a psychological state of mind. A trained hypnotist induces a trance like state where the person has intense focus while blocking out all other distractions. The hypnotist can then influence the person’s actions with the power of suggestion. It’s pretty incredible what hypnotism can do to a person.

Hypnotherapists can Help with a Multitude of Conditions

There are two branches of hypnotism – entertainment and therapy. Most people have seen a hypnotist get an unsuspecting member of an audience on stage. Then the person watches a pendulum until they are told to quack like a duck or bark like a dog. This stage hypnotism is popular, but it’s actually only a small niche of hypnotism.

The therapeutic side of hypnotism is where the jobs are. It’s called hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapists use the same trance like state to help people overcome real life problems. In this niche, hypnotism is used by a trained professional to induce a super attentive daydream like state where patients are more open to suggestions. You may remember hypnotherapy being used like this in the cult classic film, Office Space.

Hypnotherapy enhances four abilities in the mind – the ability to access memories, feelings, thoughts, and problem solving skills. Under hypnotism a patient can focus on these dormant memories in their subconscious to help them make positive changes in their life.

Hypnotherapists work with patients in a one-on-one setting to help patients tap into their subconscious and make changes. Typically hypnotherapists can make major changes in a patient’s life in a just a few sessions. Hypnotism has been shown to help patients with both physical and mental problems like weight loss, pain management, stress, skin problems, unwanted behaviors, medical conditions, chemical dependencies, irritable bowel syndrome, physical performance, smoking, marriage counseling, substance abuse, phobias, relaxation, and has even been used in military applications. It has consistently resulted in positive, long-term results for these patients.

Although hypnosis is widely known to help with all of the above problems, it is still an unregulated profession (although it is still often recognized by some insurance companies). Most aspiring hypnotherapists seek out degrees in science and/or psychology. There are even some hypnotherapy specific degrees available. The key is to have an in-depth knowledge of both how the brain functions and how hypnosis works.

Most hypnotherapists must complete a certification from the American Board of Hypnotherapy or the International Association of Counselors and Therapists. This can be achieved after hundreds of hours of coursework and about 50 hours of professional training.

After training and certification, most hypnotherapists find work with medical clinics, holistic clinics, or other therapeutic locations. It’s probable that this field will continue to grow as more people are straying from traditional medicine to find holistic solutions for their problems.

According to the American Association of Professional Hypnotherapists, a hypnotherapist can make between $45 to $150 per hour. Obviously these rates depend on clientele, experience, location, reputation, marketing, and more.

If you are fascinated by the mind, enjoy helping others, and are looking for a growing career, then hypnotherapy could be the perfect career path for you. If you’re a bit dubious about hypnosis, seek out a hypnotherapist and see what hypnosis can do for you. It can be a real game changer.

Quick Hypnotherapist Job Facts

Job Title: Hypnotherapist, Hypnotist
Office: Holistic Therapy Clinics
Description: Using the power of suggestion with a person in a hypnotized state to make a positive change in their life
Certifications/Education:Psychology, Science, or Healthcare
Necessary Skills: Mastery of Hypnosis, People Skills
Potential Employers: Medical Clinics, Holistic Centers, Therapeutic Locations
Pay: $45 to $150 per hour

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