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According to the National Center For Education Statistics, there are 98,000+ public schools, 34,000+ private schools, and 7,000+ postsecondary institutions in the US. We all know how important education is to our future, but how do you sort through all of these schools to find the best one for you? It’s nearly impossible, unless you enlist the help of an education consultant.

Education consultants assist parents, families, and students with education planning. They are essentially academic advisors who guide people to the optimal educational organization. Education consultants help students to achieve their educational and career goals by helping them get into the best schools for them.

Education Consultants Look at all Relevant Options for their Clients so they can Make the Right Choice

With so many education options, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the decision making process. Every school specializes in something different – nursing, special ed, robotics, web design, geology, etc. Why not go to the best school for you? Education consultants specialize in knowing what each school has to offer and they know the best ways to apply. They work with minorities, international students, athletes, special needs, at-risk students, students with learning disabilities, gifted students, and others to help them go to the best school. This means sorting through thousands of public schools, private schools, prep schools, boarding schools, universities, colleges, and even financial aid programs.

An education consultant’s success is closely linked with each student’s success. Matching students to schools is challenging work. Many schools have stringent admission processes and requirements. Education consultants help to make sure that students are on the right track by recommending the right tests, courses, and degrees to take.

To become an education consultant, you must enjoy working with families, students, and educational organizations. It’s exciting to watch students meet their goals and get into their dream schools. To be successful in this niche, no specialized training is required.

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Most education consultants come from an admissions or educator background. In those jobs, they understand the education niche and are therefore capable of making better recommendations and decisions for clients. While education consultants cannot guarantee a student will be accepted into a prestigious boarding school or ivy league university, it’s often expected by the parents who pay the bill. As an education consultant, it’s wise to never make outrageous promises, but to give realistic advice to aspiring students and parents.

Education consultants usually are members of the National Association For College Admission Counseling where they are able to network with other professionals in this niche. It is possible to earn an education consultant certification from organizations like the Independent Educational Consultants Association. Most education consultants work independently, for consulting firms, or for individual educational organizations.

Each education consultant develops a specialty. They usual focus on different types of schools or geographic regions. Maybe they are boarding school gurus, New England college specialists, or international business school experts. No one is capable of covering every educational organization in the world, so having a specialty helps to build a clientele and ultimately leads to a successful career.

Depending on location, specialty, and results, education consultants can make between $36,000 and $154,000 per year. Most make an average annual income of $62,000 per year. Education consultants may charge per hour or may offer all inclusive packages. Some established education consultants charge as much as $100 per hour to help pave the wave for the youths of the future.

With the world’s population growing rapidly, education is becoming competitive. More students than ever are seeking the right education for them. The world of education consultancy is quickly growing and it’s a rewarding and unique job to pursue. Every student should want a knowledgeable education consultant to help set him or her up for success.

Quick Facts About Education Consultants

Job Title: Education Consultant
Office: Working with students and families
Description: Assist parents, families, and students with education planning
Certifications/Education: Certification recommended
Necessary Skills: Knowledge of the education system, Specialization in a specific education niche or region
Potential Employers: Self-employed, Consulting firms, Schools
Pay: $36,000 and $154,000 per year

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