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Driving is one of the more dangerous things you do. Why not learn to be proficient and careful when you’re behind the wheel? Over 30,000 people die each year in traffic accidents. Don’t be a statistic. Instead learn how to drive properly and safely with the help of a professional driving instructor.

Driving instructors help people hone their driving skills through driver education. Driver education is a broad topic. Driving instructors need to be well versed in all aspects of driving to help people learn the skills they need to be safe. Driving instructors spend time indoors teaching theory and techniques in classroom sessions. They may cover traffic laws, safe driving, or emergency operations. They also spend time behind the wheel and on the road helping people improve their steering, parking, reversing, or defensive driving techniques.

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Driving instructors work with all sorts of individuals to teach them the rules of the road. Most people think that driving instructors only work with new drivers who have never driven a car at all, but they also work with other drivers. Experienced drivers will seek out driving instructors to teach them safe driving tactics, winter driving skills, or defensive driving techniques. Often foreign national’s need help to earn a license in a new country. Traffic offenders will work with driving instructors to help clear traffic tickets or get their license reinstated. Many drivers need classes to earn a CDL or a motorcycle endorsement. It’s common for driving instructors to teach people how to drive manual transmission vehicles. Some people take driving courses to save on car insurance. As you can see, driving instructors have a large pool of potential students to work with.

Most driving instructors work in well-marked sedans that are dual controlled vehicles. This means that there are two sets of brakes, two sets of accelerator pedals, and two steering wheels. This gives both the driver and the student control of the vehicle – a safety precaution during the learning process. Driving instructors also work in other vehicles like cars, motorcycles, trucks, and buses.

Driving instructors usually work odd hours in order to meet students at convenient times. They may work early mornings or late in to the evening. There is usually more work on weekends and during the summer, which means being a driving instructor can be a part time job. You will meet many different types of people in this job, so it’s important for driving instructors to be flexible and patient. They must have superb communication skills and teaching abilities.

To become a driving instructor, you must be at least 21 years old and have a clean driving record. Driving instructor certifications are monitored by the state. Each state has different requirements, but usually they include written and practical exams, a clean driving record, and attendance at a specific driving instructor course. Driving instructors need both a state driver’s license AND a state driving instructor license before they can legally work in this niche. Everything is closely monitored by the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles. For specific details on how to become a driving instructor where you live, contact the local government or DMV.

After becoming qualified as a driving instructor, you can find work at driving schools, community colleges, or even the DMV of your state. Most driving instructors make an average of $10 to $16 per hour or $31,000 per year.

Driving instructors have a demanding job. The goal is always to help people learn to safely operate motor vehicles. There will always be a demand for qualified and safety conscious driving instructors. If you consider yourself a fantastic driver, why not help others hone their driving skills by pursuing this cool job?

Quick Facts About Driving Instructors

Job Title: Driving Instructor
Office: Classroom and in a motor vehicle
Description: Help people learn and improve their driving skills
Certifications/Education: Certifications vary by state
Necessary Skills: Communication skills, teaching ability, clean driving record
Potential Employers: Driving schools, DMV
Pay: $10 to $16 per hour or $31,000 per year

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