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If you could have any sweet treat on a hot summer day, what would you pick? Many people would say ice cream. Ice cream is a super popular delight and being an ice cream truck vendor is a unique job that is often overlooked.

Being an ice cream man is a great summer job if you like flexible hours, paychecks, ice cream, and smiles. This seasonal job consists of driving along an established route, playing fun music, and selling tasty ice cream. It’s a job that’s been around for decades and it’s a job that is here to stay.

Ice Cream Truck Drivers Bring Frozen Treats To Neighborhoods all Around Town

The main goal of the job is to sell as much ice cream as possible. The job starts early and can go quite late, but prime ice cream selling time is 10am to 4pm. Besides selling ice cream, you have to assess your ice cream stock, pick up your ice cream product, check in with headquarters, check route for construction or traffic, inspect truck for safety, ensure the music is blasting, top off with expensive gas, and count your profits. Be sure to plan your day accordingly.

There are plenty of ice cream truck driver jobs out there. Check with local ice cream vendors or look online. Most jobs are available in the summer, as ice cream isn’t the biggest seller during the winter. In order to get an ice cream truck job you’ll need a clean criminal record and need to be at least 18 years old. A decent driving record is crucial because kids may swarm your moving truck. You’ll also need valid local and state permits and licenses.

Many ice cream truck drivers start their own business or franchise. This means you need to buy an ice cream truck equipped with speakers and freezers, decorate your truck, find a vendor, establish a route, inquire about permits and licenses, and pick your ice cream niche.  You might buy ice cream from companies like Klondike, Good Humor, Nestle, Popsicle, or Breyers. The real question is will you sell soft serve, novelties, or shaved ice? Note – if you absolutely love ice cream then consider opening an ice cream franchise such as a Baskin-Robbins or Cold Stone. Get our list of the best franchises!

As you establish your route, you’ll realize the hot spots are where kids are – schools, parks, ball games, neighborhoods. Kids and their parents are your main market. Your success will be directly associated with where you choose to sell your treats. There are lots of ice cream truck vendors that want to sell ice cream and only so many ice cream buying kids. Be sure to respect other ice cream truck driver’s stomping grounds.

You’ll be successful if you have a popular jingle or two. Don’t let the music drive you batty. As you drive be sure to smile and people will become loyal to your friendly, familiar face. Don’t be a softie and give away too much free ice cream to cool kids. This is still a business and profits are important.

Ice cream truck drivers are almost always paid on commission. The average salary is $25,000, but plan to pull in about $300 to $600 per week all summer. If it’s rainy and nasty out, you may not make much money, but if the sun is blazing and it’s the Fourth of July you may pull in big bucks.

Ice cream truck drivers serve up ice cream cookies, rocket pops, swirl popsicles, chocolate, vanilla, and lemon lime to kids across the entire country. Every summer ice cream truck drivers are needed. When you’re cruising down the block, playing your familiar jingle, and kids are rushing to you with smiles across their faces, counting their pennies, you’ll know you have a pretty cool summer job.

‘Ice Cream Man’ Quick Facts

Job Title: Ice Cream Truck Vendor
Office: Ice Cream Truck
Description: Sells ice cream on an established route usually during the summer
Certifications/Education: No formal education required. Business and health permits required. Clean driving record. Clear background check.
Necessary Skills: Good with children, sales
Potential Employers: Ice Cream Distributors, Self-Employed
Pay: Average is $400 to 600 per week

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