Instagrammer Employment

Picture this: You take a photo with your smartphone, publish it on Instagram, and collect a paycheck. That’s what Instagrammers do.

Did you know that Instagram has 300 million monthly users? Over 75 million people use Instagram daily. It’s estimated that 27.6% of the US population uses Instagram. For businesses, this is a huge audience – especially considering that Instagram has the highest engagement of any social media outlet.

Instagrammers are Extremely Social People with Many Followers

Instagram is a mobile photo and video social media app. It’s a multi-billion dollar company that is owned by Facebook. Most people use Instagram to take photos with a mobile device, enhance them, publish them, and share them instantly with their followers, but some Instagrammers are turning Instagram into a career.

Instagrammers are social media influencers. They promote brands by taking photos and publishing them on Instagram. Instagrammers can earn anything from free products to fully funded world travel to six figure salaries. The sky is the limit.

As an Instagrammer you have to build your personal brand and Instagram followers from scratch. There’s no way to become “Insta-Famous.” Choose a niche that interests you – California, fitness, underwater photography, food arrangements, wildlife, cars, designer dogs, cityscapes. Then develop a loyal, engaged, and intrigued audience by posting photos that provide a window in to your world.

The beauty of Instagram is that you offer companies a worldwide, targeted audience. A single post on Instagram can promote a brand better than a billboard or magazine ad. Instagram helps companies to increase brand visibility, build a community, drive traffic, and share images. Instagram is a marketing powerhouse and companies will pay top dollar if you can deliver.

To become an Instagrammer, invest in a smartphone with a high quality camera. Start a free Instagram account. Take photos of your niche. Tell your friends. Use appropriate hashtags. Tag relevant brands and companies. Enter photo competitions. Follow other people. Share Instagrams through Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Tumblr, and Flickr. Publish photos or videos several times a day. Engage your users. Slowly you will start to build a following and a network.

Once you have tens of thousands of targeted followers you can begin to make money as an Instagrammer – just like YouTube Stars do. Your global audience will scroll through their Instagram feed around the clock. They may look at photos during the commute to work, during lunch, on the chairlift, mid road trip, or even during dinner. If they follow you, they will see your photos.

Hopefully companies will notice you too. If they see you as a brand ambassador with the right targeted audience, they will be keen to work with you. They may offer free gear, deals and discounts, paid trips to cool locations, or you might even earn real paychecks.

Big companies like Apple, Ford, Gap, Dos Equis, and Marriott pay Instagrammers to take photos promoting their brands, locations, events, products, etc. Certain companies and advertising agencies will hire full-time Instagrammers too.

The number of followers you have and your niche, will determine how much you earn and who you can work with. Some Instagrammers make a few bucks selling Instagram images on websites. Others may get a free trip or a free kitchen appliance – as long as they promote it on Instagram. Some get paid thousands of dollars per Instagram post. Making six-figures a year isn’t unheard of. Realistically, a full-time, professional Instagrammer with hundreds of thousands of followers can make $5,000 to $10,000 per month.

Technology is changing the world of marketing. If you’re a social savvy photographer, join the millions of people on Instagram. Build your Instagram following and you too could turn mobile photography and social media into your career. We look forward to following you on Instagram. Good luck!

Quick Facts About Instagrammer Employment

Job Title: Instagrammer
Office: Anywhere
Description: Promote brands on Instagram
Certifications/Education: None Required
Necessary Skills: Photography, Social Media, Networking
Potential Employers: Self Employed, Any Company
Pay: $5,000 to $10,000 per month (Varies Significantly)

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