Jobs with Alaska General Seafoods

Alaska General Seafoods provides seafood products to buyers from around the world. The company head office is located in Kenmore, Washington. Alaska General Seafoods operates shore-based processing plants with the capability of freezing, salmon canning or shipping fresh product to various destinations.

People interested in working for Alaska General Seafoods at a processing plant will work in one of three locations. The company operates a plant in Ketchikan (Southeast Alaska), one in Naknek and another in nearby Egegik. The plants offer seasonal employment to over 700 workers starting in late spring and through the summer each year.

Working at Alaska General Seafoods

Alaska General Seafoods offers its seasonal employees competitive pay and modern housing facilities. The company prefers to hire people who are available for the entire season. Processing seafood is physically demanding work, and employees must be able to stand for long periods of time. Some jobs require the employee to perform heavy lifting as part of their duties.

Hours of work will depend on how much fish is available for processing. There may be times when workers need to put in long hours and others when there won’t be much work. People who do best on the job are ones who can get along well with others, are prepared to work hard, and are not complainers. Being able to follow directions properly is another desirable trait.

Workers at Alaska General Seafoods will perform repetitive functions and the working conditions are not ideal. The workplace may be cold and wet, and there is a constant odor of seafood that not everyone is willing to deal with on the job. For those employees who can live with these working conditions, a job at a seafood processing plant gives them the opportunity to put in a lot of hours over the season and get paid accordingly.

How to Apply for a Job at Alaska General Seafoods

Prospective employees can apply for a job at Alaska General Seafoods from February 1 to July 1 each year. They can fill out an online application form and submit it electronically to the company. The form can also be downloaded from the website in PDF format, completed, and sent to the company by regular mail.

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