Jobs with Westward Seafoods

Westward Seafood has been providing quality products to consumers since 1991. The company is a subsidiary of Maruha- Nichiro. The company’s main production plant is located in Dutch Harbor, Alaska. It also operates a plant in Kodiak, Alaska. The main plant produces 254 million pounds of seafood each year, while the Kodiak plant is responsible for 45 million pounds. The company processes a number of types of seafood, including:

  1. Black Cod
  2. Cod
  3. Dungeness Crab
  4. Halibut
  5. King Crab
  6. Pollock
  7. Salmon
  8. Snow Crab

Processing Jobs at Westward Seafood

To be considered for a job at Westward Seafood, a candidate must be at least 18 years of age. People interested in working for this company as seafood processors are asked to apply in person. The candidate must attend a personal interview in Seattle or one of the company’s seasonal recruiting locations. Each person being considered for a position must pass a physical examination and a physical skills test. Pre-employment drug testing is also performed by the company.

Once a person has been hired, the company pays for the cost of air travel from Seattle to Alaska. When the work term has been completed, Westward Seafood arranges for transportation back to Seattle. Employees are responsible for the cost of getting to and from Seattle before and after their scheduled work term.

Company employees are entitled to medical, dental and vision coverage. Westward Seafood also provides a 401(k) retirement plan to its workers.

Westward Seafood provides accommodation to employees working at the seafood processing plants in Dutch Harbor or Kodiak. They are placed in bunkhouses designed for up to five people. Meals are served cafeteria-style. The company does not charge workers for food or lodging.

The company also provides sheets, blankets and pillows for employee use while working at the seafood processing plants, as well as laundry facilities. Workers are not charged for either of these services, either.

*Check the company website for the most up-to-date benefits information.

How to Apply for a Job at Westward Seafood

For positions other than those working in the seafood processing plants, the company will accept resumes by e-mail for positions that are listed on its website.

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