Alaska Fishing Industry Jobs for Non-U.S. Citizens

Alaska is part of the United States, and the same laws governing foreign citizen employment apply in Alaska as they do in any parts of the U.S. Foreign citizens may be required to have either a temporary work permit or an alien registration card – a “green card” – issued by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service to work legally in Alaska.

Visit the website for more specific information. Also look into summer work/travel opportunities and the J-1 foreign student program if you are a student.

The government has been cracking down on employers who hire foreign citizens without proper documentation and it is very difficult for foreign workers to get employment now without proper documentation. Please keep this in mind before heading to Alaska in search of work. The bottom line is that it is illegal to work without the proper documentation in any part of the United States.

We highly recommend against coming to Alaska without a valid United States Work Permit. The trip to Alaska without a secured job is a gamble for anyone, but especially for someone without a work permit or other documentation.

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