Alaska Government Run Hatcheries

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game operates hatcheries throughout the state and tracks yearly harvesting of fish. All hiring is done through the personnel office listed below.

To apply, check out the online employment page. Unfortunately, you’ll have to dig through a variety of ADFG positions on the state’s job board in order to find any hatchery positions. You might want to send them email with your questions. Some hatchery positions are available year-round, but due to a large number of applicants, the department hires Alaska residents for most positions.

One of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game’s most popular projects is the Salmon Enhancement and Hatchery program. Because the salmon fishery is so popular, lucrative, and needs to be closely monitored, the ADF&G invests considerable resources into salmon enhancement efforts.

To inquire about applications and available positions with the ADF&G aquaculture programs contact the following departments:

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