Alaska Fishing & Seafood Industry Overview

In our modern, computerized, industrialized world, there are few places left on the planet that can still be considered frontier lands. Alaska is one of these frontiers. Sure, Alaska, the state once known as Seward’s Folly, now has many modern cities such as Juneau, Anchorage, and Fairbanks, but most of the state is still a wilderness. The state’s population density (1.3 per sq/mile) is very low compared to the rest of the U.S.

Alaska Salmon Fishing Gillnetting Boat in Harbor

This is just the spot for people with an adventurous spirit!

Nailing down an Alaska fishing industry job is a great way to stay in this beautiful state for an extended visit, whether you’re a college student on summer break or just someone who’d like to explore his or her horizons.

While the fishing industry has had its ups and downs, there is always a demand for young, energetic people from all over the country to fill jobs on both onshore and offshore processors. Most of these jobs require no previous experience, just a willingness to work hard and an enthusiasm for exploring a rough and rugged lifestyle.

Learn About the Alaska Fishing Industry

Alaska fish processing companies offer many benefits to their employees, including good wages, free lodging and meals, and often free transportation to and from Alaska if you fulfill all your contractual obligations. Jobs include working on the processing line, operating machinery, being a deckhand, quality control, or even finding a job as a government inspector or aquaculture scientist.

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OK, now let’s get back to information on working in the fishing industry. Browse through these pages, and you’ll get an incredible overview of the industry. A summer (or year!) in Alaska will be an experience of a lifetime. Have fun, earn some great money, and see some amazing scenery.

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