Event Security Jobs

Anytime there is a large gathering of people for an event, security needs to be on staff to protect the people attending in addition to helping and controlling crowds if things get out of control. Event security is also on staff to keep entertainers and members of the event staff safe in addition to monitoring for illegal substances, dangerous persons or threats.

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Nearly every type of security and crowd management job requires some sort of formal training. When it comes to carrying firearms, dealing with erratic people and being in charge of the safety of others, it is important to be highly educated on the matter. Every event security position you are likely to find will require formal training from a certified training school or law enforcement agency. Additionally, most security staff is hired through a security program, venue or team, not through the event itself. Please note that all salaries shown below are general in nature. And for more information about police officer jobs and working in law enforcement, see that section of JobMonkey.

Head of Security

Whenever security is hired for a large event there is someone in charge of dispersing and communicating with the many field security officers. Head of Security officers make sure the event has sufficient security and that all major security issues are taken care of.
Requirements: Most Head of Security officers have formal law enforcement training as well as event experience.
Payment: Pay ranges extensively and depends greatly on experience and training.

Field Security Jobs

Field Security officers are trained law enforcement professionals that are on staff in order to keep crowds in line and to make sure all event regulations are being followed. Field Security officers are authorized to make arrests, confiscate materials and to control crowds.
Requirements: Training and certification from a law enforcement agency or equivalent school.

Payment: Varies and depends extensively on training and experience but is commonly listed near $36,000 – $50,000.

Crowd Control and Survey Jobs

It is common for events to hire field staff to monitor the crowd for illegal substances or dangerous situations. While all security staff members are charged with this single responsibility, crowd control and survey officers are often times undercover posing as regular patrons on the look out for dangerous situations, weapons and or drugs.
Requirements: Formal law enforcement training and event experience.
Payment: $30,000 – $70,000.

Entrance and Exit Security

The entrance and exit security team function a lot like the field staff. Their main responsibility is to make sure all entrances and exits are safe and that all patrons are following event regulations. Event security might need to confiscate illegal substances, weapons, make arrests, write tickets, conduct crowd control or report suspicious activity to another officer. Exit and Entrance security may also be responsible for guarding a private or staff only entrance from civilians.
Requirements: Formal law enforcement or security training.
Payment: Pay ranges extensively based on experience and training.


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