Careers in Professional Sports & Tournament Jobs

Within the realm of professional sports there are events earmarking special occasions for each sport. Events such as March Madness/Final Four, the Super Bowl, golf tournaments, the World Series and professional tennis tournaments all represent important events for each sport and additionally represent a good way to be involved with events jobs and sports. In this section we will take a look at each of the aforementioned sporting events and a few ways in which you can get involved.

Professional Sports Jobs can be Competitive to Land

We will also list helpful links to job sites for each event and describe some of the best ways to increase your chances of procuring a job working within each organizations.

Because in this section we are looking at work related to major sports events, a lot of the best opportunities lie in working for the venue where the game(s) will be played or in working a corporate job for the organization. For example, college playoff games, or bowl games, are often announced and then organized only a few weeks before a game because determining where the games will be played depends on how well a certain team is doing in the tournament. For this reason people aren’t hired for one single game but end up working for the venue where the sporting event is being held. It is clear to see then, that the best chance for a job in several of these professional sports lies in working for the venue where the game will take place. In fact, there are very few jobs aside from broadcasting, administration, coaching and event sponsors that travel with a tournament or sport.

Check out our profiles on each sporting event for specific job titles, event descriptions and job links.

College Sports Tournament Jobs

College playoffs are a tournament in any college sport where teams compete for a title against other schools in their division, region or country. Volleyball, soccer, basketball, tennis teams, cross country running, football and basketball are just a few of the sports that have playoff tournaments – or bowls.

College basketball and football are some of the most widely viewed and attended college sports in the United States and represent a huge focus in the sport industry while they are underway. Most of those involved with big sports events are doing it as part of an organizing committee or board; in a corporate capacity; or on the spot at the venue. There are infinitely more jobs available through a sporting venue rather than through a sporting committee or board so the best way to work at a college athletics tournament would be to have a job through the venue.

Even traveling college and pro sports jobs such as Mascots and Cheerleaders are unpaid positions that are generally viewed as extracurricular activities.

In order to find jobs through a playoff venue you should apply directly to the venue where sports are held. Merchandise sales, food vending jobs, security and ticket holding are all viable opportunities to work the college playoffs. For more job descriptions and explanations about working for a sporting venue, please see our section on Venue Jobs.

Other college playoff jobs include broadcasting and sport committee jobs. Jobs such as these are much harder to procure and usually have specific education requirements in addition to requiring years of experience in the field. To work in sports broadcasting or to work on a college sporting committee, be on the lookout for internships and job shadows to gain some experience.


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