Event Food Vending Jobs

Food vending is a great way to make money at a festival. Unlike a large portion of festival jobs, food vending jobs aren’t typically procured through an event management company but instead can be found through the company setting up the booth or through a venue.

Food Vendors Must Have the Proper Permits to Serve Food at any Festival or Event

Food vending is a great part time way to earn some money while enjoying an event!

Check out some of the food vending jobs available at events and how you might go about procuring them. If the whole concept is appealing then also look at cooking jobs on JobMonkey, which covers everything from becoming a top chef or personal chef to working at hotels and in the fast food biz.

Food Vendor – Owners

The type of food vendors at a festival, convention, parade or party differs greatly. Food vendors are usually area restaurants or catering companies that apply for a booth or position at the festival and provide their own staff. Food vendors need to have all appropriate food and beverage serving licenses and permits to sell food, all of which is checked and approved before they are given a spot at a festival. Most food vendors are restaurants in the area, so these details are taken care of because the same permits that allow the restaurant to serve food in the city are valid for festivals. In order to apply as a food vendor for a festival you need to apply directly to the event management company or festival director. For each festival there is almost always a link on the website for food vendors to apply. While food vendors will need to pay for a booth, most gain access to a large number of customers and make excellent profits from sales over the course of the weekend. For any festival you are interested in attending as a vendor, applying early through online applications is the fastest and easiest way.

Food Vending – Employees

Food vending employees are usually part-time hires to help for that weekend or are full time employees of the company setting up a booth. Food vending employees will be in charge of taking orders, serving food and beverages, cooking, prepping food, cleaning and cashiering. Some employees will need to act as a waiter or waitress.
Requirements: The experience required for weekend work will likely depend on the vending owner. Usually food servers have experience, permits that allow them to serve food and are hard workers with friendly personalities.
Payment: Payment for food vending employees is typically hourly with tips.

The best way to find food vending jobs is to approach a food or beverage company that you know will be at the event and ask if they need any additional help for the event. For some large events however, the event planning company might be looking for additional staff and hiring for food vending jobs. The best way to check is through the festival website or through the event planning company.

Food Vending – Permanent Jobs

You can find work vending food at events permanently. This is usually the case at coliseums, concert halls or convention centers. Food vendors will work throughout the year at different concerts, games or events taking food, serving drinks, cashiering, cooking, prepping food and doing clean up. This is a great part time jobs for people who like to attend events but can also be a full time job as well.
Requirements: All servers and cooks will need a food handler’s license or appropriate permit for food and beverage sales. Hardworking, outgoing personalities and experience are always a plus.
Payment: Pay for jobs such as these is usually hourly plus tips.

To find jobs of this kind apply directly to venues in your area that serve food and beverages at events.

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