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Unfortunately, currently, there is no Vans Warped Tour scheduled for this year.

Festival Details

Dates: No dates scheduled

Warped Tour is located in multiple destinations and cities in the United States and Canada. For tour dates and locations see the Vans Warped Tour website.

Warped Tour, sponsored by Vans is not only a music festival but also, an extreme sports expo.

Warped Tour is a Famous Traveling Festival

Since 1995 Vans has been one of the tour’s main sponsors although the festival was originally created in 1994. Because extreme sports and rock n’ roll go hand in hand, Warped Tour provides skaters, BMX bikers, snowboarders, skiers and many others the chance to get together and enjoy their favorite things all at one time. Note – check out the ski jobs section of JobMonkey if you’re feelin’ extreme and desiring a cool job in the winter. As many as 100 bands have played on as many as ten stages at a single venue in the tour’s history. Because of the traveling nature of the tour, each destination offers a different show to visiting patrons, although many of the headlining bands are signed for the duration of the entire tour.


Because of the popularity of the tour, concert field staff jobs and volunteer opportunities are in high demand and are traditionally scarce. Additionally, because the tour travels many jobs are through Warped Tour are procured through the venues in the different cities that the tour visits. For example, instead of traveling with full staff for each event the tour uses the staff from event management companies and the many venues they visit along the tour. For this reason, one of the best ways to work through Warped Tour isn’t by traveling with the tour, but by working through the venue or event management company that is helping to staff Warped Tour along the way. Check out the Vans Warped Tour Employment page of their website.

You can also find jobs through Warped Tour by working for the tour’s sponsors that set up booths, merchandise sales and demos and travel with the event for the duration of the tour. This is one of the best ways to become hired and experience Warped Tour from a working point of view. For a full list of current tour sponsors which includes, Vans (duh!), check out the Warped Tour sponsor’s section on the website.

Volunteering at Warped Tour

One of the best ways to find volunteer opportunities is to check the volunteer section of their website.
At any given time, new information about jobs, locations, the tour and volunteer opportunities could be listed.

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