Concert Security Jobs

You know them best, as the people in the yellow coats. They break up fights, offer assistance, provide venue information, oversee crowd behavior, are present at ticketing counters and parking lots and are the first to respond if there is an immediate emergency or incident within the crowd.

Security is an Important part of any Festival or Event

They tell you to sit down when you shouldn’t be standing and are often the people who lead you back to your seat if you’ve snuck down into a better section during the ball game. They staff some of the most critically important positions at concerts and sporting events and are there for the safety of everyone attending. But who are these brightly colored event security staff members? And how do you find a job and the training required to become one? In this section we discuss event security and crowd management jobs in further detail, outlining some of the best ways to find employment in such a position.

Because crowd management and security is a top priority for events and venues, a large number of event staff members are needed to oversee this important task. These crowd management employees have received training in the field but are not formal law enforcement officers. They are the event staff you are likely to see at stadiums or sports arenas, award shows, music festivals, special events, fairs, festivals, golf tournaments, sporting events, raceways, university events or convention centers. Simply put, they keep things in order and respond when an incident gets out of hand or needs mediation. They are most commonly known as crowd management staff and their duties range extensively under the umbrella of putting on a safe and crowd controlled event.

Crowd management employees enjoy many of the same perks that many event volunteers and other staff members enjoy. They get to attend exciting local events and make money while doing so! The job however, is a serious one and all crowd management staff members are expected to have a good time but to work hard as well.

Concert Security Job Details and Requirements

Crowd management and event security staff almost always work for a venue or an event security provider. Most people in the position receive training for the job after they are hired, although if you have previous work experience in crowd management you are at a distinct advantage.

Event security staff is a great position for students, people looking for part time work, or people with other work commitments. Because a large number of events take place in the evening and on weekends, it is a great way to make some extra money if you cannot commit to a full time position. Shifts typically last for the duration of the event, usually 4-5 hours. Depending on the venue or employment provider, crowd managers must be older than 18 years of age and in some cases older than 21. A high school diploma is required in most, but not all cases.

The level of training provided depends on the position. Most crowd management positions are provided with entry-level training, with the ability to move up based on acquired experience.

How to Find a Crowd Management or Concert Security Job

The best place to find an event security job is through a local venue or crowd management provider. Venues that hire will train directly but it is common for them to contract out security positions to a provider. Still, if there are security positions available at a venue, it will usually be listed in their Employment section online.

Event security and crowd management providers are large companies that train and provide security staff for venues. Contemporary Services Corporation is one such business that has locations, training facilities and provides jobs for venues all over the country. In a work scenario like one with CSC, you will be trained and offered shifts based on your own availability to local venues. Working for a provider is a great way to gain training and experience in the events industry. Providers of this kind offer certification after training is complete and provide training for various levels of event security and crowd management.

Club Bouncer Jobs and More

This may have gotten you thinking about other jobs in the security industry. Parking lot attendant jobs, building security jobs or club bouncer jobs are just a few of the other positions in the security industry. Becoming certified with an events security provider is an excellent way to improve your credentials and chances at becoming a security officer in some of these other areas.

Working as a bouncer in a club however, doesn’t necessarily require any formal training although, certification will greatly improve your chances.

Bouncers are often hired on their willingness to train and their ability to work a difficult job and long hours. If you’re interested in working as a bouncer in a club first research job openings in your area. If you have crowd management skills or experience you will have better chances at procuring other security jobs like that of a club bouncer. Some of the qualities clubs look for in potential bouncers are patience, good people skills, discerning personalities, the willingness and ability to take control of a situation, experience in the field and the willingness to work long or late night hours. Most bouncers are of an athletic build and the most successful, have law enforcement career experience or security job training.

Security jobs can provide excellent money and work opportunities.

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