Working at Major Festivals & Local Events

Aside from sporting events and music festivals there are a number of other ways to find work. There are a great deal of festivals, film festivals, parades, marathons and conventions that take place each year around the world; each of them requiring full event staff and volunteers in order to be successful.

Coachella Music Festival is a Major Destination Every Year

Additionally, there are a lot of festival opportunities available locally, that provide excellent experience for people just beginning to explore the industry. In this section we will take a look at some of these other festival opportunities, outline how to go about getting hired, in addition to profiling some of the more popular festival and group events. You will learn about film festivals, parades, marathon jobs and convention job opportunities..

A good way to get involved with festivals in your area is to do a local search for upcoming events. Applying early to positions provides you the best chance for consideration for a paid position, although working as a volunteer also provides you with amazing event jobs working experience. It is a great way to gain access to events and build a resume in working for events jobs. Local and smaller events tend to have less paid positions, but they also provide you with positions that tend to have more responsibility and as a result, offer you more experience.

Be sure to check frequently for local events in your area and begin building an events job resume. Local festivals, road races, parades and carnivals are a great way to segue into a better or higher paying events job.

Check out the information on the following pages about jobs at Sundance Film Festival, the Boston Marathon, Burning Man as well as local festivals.

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