Working for the Youth Olympics

The next Winter Youth Olympic Games will be in Gangwon, South Korea in 2024 and the 2026 Summer Youth Olympics will take place in Dakar, Senegal.

The 2010 Singapore Youth Olympics were the first of its kind, allowing children ages 14-18 the chance to compete in an elite sporting event cross-culturally. The Youth Olympics attracts hundreds of thousands of spectators who watch 4,000 athletes compete in 26 sports.

Additionally, nearly 20,000 local and international volunteers contribute.

The Youth Olympic Games are for Teens Ages 14 - 18

There will be paying Youth Olympics jobs too.

As you might expect the Youth Olympics will be a large event and requires a great deal of planning, a great deal of which is already underway. As you might expect Summer Olympics jobs and Youth Olympics jobs are similar: event administration, security, press, technology, language services, medical, construction, labor, transportation and press operation jobs in addition to volunteer positions are needed.

For news, ticket information, blogs, venue information, scheduling and press regarding the games, check out the Youth Olympics webpage.

Youth Olympics Jobs

There are a wide variety of jobs available at the Youth Olympics. To look for Youth Olympics jobs first check the Youth Olympic Games (YOG) webpage for current listings. Additionally, the YOG official web page suggests looking through public job portals. Although it sounds less focused, searching the Internet for Youth Olympics Jobs will also turn up current job listings for people of all nationalities.

Youth Olympic Games Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering for an event like the Youth Olympics is a great way to get involved with sporting events and to contribute to youth sports.

There are several ways you can access volunteer information for the Youth Olympics and apply.

If you want to be a personal volunteer and aren’t associated with any formal volunteering organization, you can apply directly for volunteer information and services at the Youth Olympics website. Here you will see that volunteers are needed in Corporate Services, Human Relations, Communication, Operation and Games Services, Culture and Education, Youth Olympic Village, IT and Technology and Finance.

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