Glastonbury Music Festival Jobs 2022

Glastonberry will be celebrating its 52th Anniversary in 2022!

Festival Details

When: June 22 – 26, 2022
Where: South West England at Worthy Farm near Glastonbury.

Glastonbury Music Festival is a Popular Festival for the U.K.

For a list of bands and complete concert information details, check out the Glastonbury Music Festival webpage.

The Glastonbury Music Festival is the largest Greenfield music festival in the world. And by large, we mean over the top, gigantic. With nearly 400 live performances including rock, contemporary, indie, electronic, alternative, classic, jazz, blues, country and even comedic sketches and dance performances, the tents of Glastonbury Music Festival are one of a kind. The Glastonbury Music Festival has been referenced time and time again as the initiating event for the world’s other music festivals. Not only because of its magnitude and world-renowned reputation, but because historically the festival has been around for decades. Covering nearly 900 acres in recent years a significant amount of travel is required not only to get to Glastonbury but to also see the entire festival. It is truly a world event.


Requests to work at Glastonbury are commonplace and understandably so. The experience of working at a festival like Glastonbury would be the experience of a lifetime. But, as you might imagine, for a festival of this size Glastonbury Music Festival utilizes the help of many event management companies and hiring services in order to pull it off. To view information about working at the Glastonbury Music Festival, go to “Glastonbury Music Festival’s Jobs” page. Here is a list of some companies you can contact if you’re interested in working the Glastonbury Music Festival.

Paid Jobs

Most of the paid jobs to put on Glastonbury Music Festival get filled quickly, so plan as early as possible.

If you miss out on the festival jobs, there are, however, a few ways to still get involved. Cash and Traffic Management will be employing parking staff for the event, as will DC Site Services who is actively hiring to assist with Caravan fields.

Glastonbury festival organizers also suggest getting in touch with vendors who will need extra help. It has happened and continues to happen every year that certain food or merchandise vendors are short-staffed and require help at the festival. Looking for tents that are understaffed and need a helping hand isn’t something you should rely on, but is a job that a few people will be lucky to procure. Of course, this means having pre-purchased your ticket.

If you want to work where the fun is happening, then go to the Glastonbury website’s “Jobs” page. There you’ll find a list of companies that hire for the event.

Volunteering and Charity Work

If you’d like to volunteer your time at Glastonbury, consider approaching the charity organizations that will be there, or utilizing the links on the Glastonbury jobs page for more information. Oxfam, Greenpeace and Water Aid are all charitable organizations associated with the music festival.

For complete information on working at Glastonbury, check out the jobs section of the website.

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