Field Staff Jobs

Field staff jobs are the general labor and customer service assistant jobs for any event.

Ticket Booth Sales are an Important Part of Putting on a Successful Event

Each and every event has a large number of field staff employees who are employed to make sure the event goes off without a hitch. A general event staff member will assist in any way they are needed. This means sometimes taking tickets, addressing questions from attendees, providing assistance to food vendors who are understaffed, helping with parking, making calls, speaking with sponsors, helping with minor set up and break down or perhaps acting as a cashier or errand runner. General staff are usually hired through the venue or event management company and have often taken part in the pre-planning stages of an event. It is common for people who act as general staff at events, to be event planners themselves who are simply onsite to make sure things go smoothly. Someone who is only a general staff member, however, will usually be hired through a venue or event planning company to work only one of the following positions.


Parking Attendant Jobs

Parking attendants are often hired through the venue, parking garage, staffing company, or are volunteers. Attendants help direct cars, assist with traffic as people enter and exit the event, answer general questions and at times take money and tickets for parking.
Requirements: Parking attendants for an event are helpful, organized and timely.
Payment: Hourly. Between $10-$15/hr.

Set up and Break down

Set up and break down is done collectively and by special staff. Event organization companies usually hire staff to set up stages, break them down, put up fences, advertisements, tents and more.
Requirements: Helpful, can follow directions, has some construction or stage experience, can handle the labor, are problem solvers, organized and detail-oriented.
Payment: Varies extensively based on experience and magnitude of the event.

Information Booth – Customer Assistance

People who work or volunteer at the information booth or for customer assistance answer questions regarding the organization and layout of the event, help people with their questions, direct people to the correct place and help with small tasks like lost and found.
Requirements: Information booth attendants are helpful, organized, understand the layout of the event and general information of the event, must like people and enjoy helping others.
Payment: employed commonly by volunteers, or hourly: $10-$15/hr.

Ticket Sales Jobs

Depending on the event, tickets are commonly sold at the venue. Ticket sales representatives are hired through the venue or hiring companies under contract with event management companies. Ticket sales will often not only sell tickets but also check authenticity and take tickets from arriving event-goers, check bags and people entering.
Requirements: Honest, hardworking, enjoy working with people but also independently.
Payment: varies between venues and hiring companies, can be hourly and also salaried.

Food or Merchandise Sales

At nearly every event there are food, beverages and merchandise being sold.

Some vendors hire or bring in their own staff, while other staff members work permanent jobs at stores and booths within an event. The best way to procure a job of this kind is to apply directly to a venue or, booth that will be selling at an event.
Requirements: Enjoy people, friendly, outgoing, hard workers and have warm personalities. For food and alcohol sales the proper certifications for the state are required.
Payment: Hourly usually between minimum wage and $14/hour not including tips.

Janitorial Jobs

Every event needs a clean-up crew when thousands of people are in one place. Job tasks can include trash, recycling, building services, plumbing or solving small repair problems. Venues or event companies are usually responsible for hiring.
Requirements: Strong attention to detail, ability to work unusual hours (possible late nights), can work independently, can solve problems and respond when needed.
Payment: Varies depending on the position but is usually hourly.

Light and Sound – AV Crew Jobs

Light and sound engineers are highly trained at putting together the complex combinations of both at most major events. Some light and sound engineer jobs are filled by the venue while others are hired specifically for the event by an event planning company.
Requirements: Education in light and sound, event experience and training. Engineers are good at solving problems, are required to be on staff during an event and can respond to problems quickly.
Payment: Will vary extensively based on experience and the event. Both contract and salary positions are common.

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