Tennis Event Jobs

Tennis is a favorite sport all over the world. Tennis tournaments such as The Australian Open, Wimbledon, The French Open or the US Open are watched and attended by athletes and spectators from a number of different countries. While certain organizations like the ATP organize and sponsor events, each tennis event represents a new opportunity for working an event job.

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In this section, we will discuss some of the more popular tennis tournaments, give tournament details and links in addition to providing information on how to procure tennis tournament jobs.

Tennis Tournament Jobs

In this section, we focus on five major avenues for working a tennis tournament events job. The first is through the ATP, or Association of Tennis Professionals, followed by the US Open, Wimbledon, Australian Open and the French Open. Although this only represents a handful of tennis tournament work opportunities, it does provide guidance on where to look for jobs and how to procure them.

One key way to finding jobs at a tennis tournament is looking through work via the venue. Venue jobs and volunteer opportunities consistently provide the most work for non-full time employees and as you will see in this section, is a great way to find work at a tennis tournament. Although, applying directly through the tournament will usually prove fruitful.

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The Association of Tennis Professionals is an organization that was created to protect the interests and concerns of male tennis players. It also supports and organizes a tour, which puts on tennis matches all over the world. For a full list of ATP tour matches and scheduling information, see the ATP website. Working for the ATP would be an enormously valuable experience in event planning and administration.

Although the ATP does much more than simply plan events, it does play a huge role in well-attended tennis tournaments all over the world. Most of the ATP’s event jobs are staffed through administration. To apply for a job with the ATP, see the Association of Tennis Professionals Job Board. They are currently hiring for event-related positions including an Executive Assistant and Media and Marketing Managers. Both positions are located in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. Interested parties can send resumes to [email protected].

To take part in working for one of the ATP’s major tennis tournaments, it is advised to apply directly for work at that tournament. Visiting the tournament website and searching for jobs in that way is a great way to earn industry experience and find a tennis tournament job. Cashier, Janitorial, Field Staff, Seating Attendants, Wait Staff, Customer Service and Information and Parking Attendants are just a few of the jobs available at ATP tennis tournaments.

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