Marathon Jobs

Marathons are an exciting event and certain marathons have garnered the attention of thousands of people. Your typical city marathon brings in anywhere from 30,000 – 50,000 attendees and volunteers. In some cases, even more. With so much action going on, there are more than a few ways to get involved.

Marathon Runners Competing for the Best Times

Marathon jobs and volunteer opportunities can often include set up, clean up, work with sponsors, sponsor recruitment, athlete liaisons, merchandise, marketing, accounting, press, security, sales, registration, work with local hotels and many more.

Marathons like the Boston and New York Marathon are world-famous not only because they are some of the longest standing road races in American history but because athletes are required to qualify ahead of time for both races. This means that some of the best runners in the world will be in attendance.

Take a look at some of the jobs and volunteer positions available at the Boston and New York marathons to gain an idea of how to find jobs through these events, or through marathons and races in your own community.


The next Boston Marathon will be held in Boston Massachusetts on April 18, 2022. For full information regarding qualification times, locations and times of the race, please see the Boston Marathon official webpage.

Boston Marathon Jobs

The Boston Marathon is exclusively organized by the Boston Athletic Association and Boston Athletic Association sponsors. The work that they do to prepare for the marathon and to assist in local area athletics is ongoing throughout the year. Although there is no direct job site or board for the Boston Marathon, BAA committee members and sponsors accept event administration applications throughout the year.

Boston Marathon Volunteers

Perhaps the best way to be involved with the Boston Marathon is through their volunteer’s program. Many local clubs also volunteer through the marathon. Volunteer responsibilities can include: race and location set up, tent set up, registration, landmark water and food points along the race, data entry, athlete liaison and customer service and control. To apply as a volunteer for the 2022 Boston Marathon, see their volunteer’s section of the website.


The New York Marathon, or ING New York Marathon, will be held Nov. 6, 2022. For information on athlete qualifying times, event details, accommodations and travel, see the official New York Marathon webpage.

New York Marathon Jobs

Very few public jobs are listed for the New York Marathon. A great deal of the planning for the race is done by city officials, ING (the race’s official sponsor) and through New York Road Runners. The best way to get involved with the New York Marathon, especially for first-timers is via volunteer.

New York Marathon Volunteers

The online volunteer application for the New York Marathon is the same for the application to volunteer with New York Road Runners. You can apply to volunteer directly online.

We hope that the information provided here will guide you toward work experience in either of these two world-renowned marathons or provide you with guidance in finding work through other races and community events in your area.

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