Jobs with Club Med Resorts

Club Med has been in the vacation business for over 50 years. The company operates over 90 resorts, spread out over 40 countries. Specializing in all-inclusive, upscale vacations, Club Med is all about offering high-quality, friendly service to its guests.

Working at Club Med

Employees at Club Med resorts are an integral part of the organization.

Club Med Specializes in All-Inclusive Vacations

Not only do they perform their assigned duties, but they are expected to participate in shows, greet new arrivals, and bid farewell to guests who are leaving the resort. This type of work would appeal to candidates who enjoy meeting new people, since the guests staying at the resort change regularly. Being able to offer exemplary customer service to all guests is another trait the recruiters from Club Med are looking for.

Each person is hired on a contract basis. In most cases, the term of the contract is for six months. The contract may be renewed from one season to another, if the worker receives positive performance reviews.

Some workers, such as ski or snowboard instructors may be hired for shorter-term contracts lasting only four months. Likewise, child activities coordinators are usually hired for two or three months at a time.

All workers at Club Med resorts get accommodation and meals provided by the resort. The company also offers insurance to its contract workers. The normal work week at Club Med is six days on and one day off per week.

Jobs at Club Med

Club Med hires workers for the following types of positions within its organization:

  1. Baker
  2. Bartender
  3. Boutique Sales Associate
  4. Butcher
  5. Carpenter
  6. Child Care Worker
  7. Costume Designer
  8. Disc Jockey
  9. Fitness Instructor
  10. Excursion Guide
  11. Hostess
  12. Landscaper
  13. Light Technician
  14. Nurse Jobs
  15. Pastry Chef
  16. Plumber
  17. SCUBA Instructor

How to Apply for a Job at Club Med

The first step in getting a job at Club Med is to complete an online application. Candidates are asked to participate in a telephone interview.
Once the phone interview stage has been completed, selected applicants are invited to come to an Interview Day.

On Interview Day, prospective workers are shown a presentation and fill out forms and questionnaires. They also meet briefly one-on-one with Club Med recruiters. Recruiting Days are conducted on a year-round basis in various cities throughout the United States and Canada.

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