Getting Hired as a Windsurfing Instructor

Getting hired by a resort or hotel to be a windsurfing instructor will depend largely on how much experience you have, as well as your personality.

Getting Hired as a Windsurfing Instructor Means Having Excellent Communication Skills

The resort industry being hospitality based and customer focused relies on its staff, including windsurfing instructors, to uphold a certain standard and quality of service.

If you want to make a good impression on your potential employers you should always be professional, dress smartly and talk confidently, just like you would with any job interview. Once you get to the interview stage, this might be done with the resort management or HR department or it could be with the current windsurfing instructor.

Prerequisites for Windsurfing Instructors

There are certain prerequisites for windsurfing instructor jobs that you should take into consideration before applying. The main thing for this job is that you must have a windsurfing background. You must be a windsurfer of a certain caliber.

Resorts look for awards and tournaments that you might have participated in, as well as any previous coaching or teaching experience you have. Many resorts will expect you to provide them with your certification, but this is not a compulsory requirement for all windsurfing instructor jobs.

Another requirement will be your CPR and First Aid certification which most resorts will expect you to provide. Any other qualifications that you have will be beneficial when applying for a job such as teaching, sports management, fitness, psychology, and more.

Applying for Windsurfing Instructor Jobs

The first thing you should do when you want to get a windsurfing instructor job is to start asking around. Word of mouth is an excellent way to find jobs in your field, as windsurfers tend to help out other windsurfers. You should then contact the lead instructor at the resort where you are aiming to find a job, and see if you can get an interview.

Applying is not simply about being good at what you do, or even having a lot of experience. You are an employee of a large resort or hotel chain and as such you will need to conform to their rules and regulations. This should be apparent in your interview. You should not wear untidy or baggy beach clothes, have dreadlocked hair, or even though your job is mainly done in swimwear.

One resort looking to hire a windsurfing instructor said, “You are representing your sport by being an instructor and a lot of the time you are the very first impression that people get about windsurfing. You need to be energetic, enthusiastic and helpful, but at the same time pace yourself when repeating things so that you don’t get burnt out.”

Aside from the above traits, you should also be an excellent communicator, because the biggest part of your job will be to teach others. This also means that your ego should not get in the way. You must be able to teach effectively and make sure that everyone understands what you are talking about.

Being a windsurfing instructor is all about having fun, enjoying different, exotic locations on the beachfront and getting paid to do it, although working very hard.

Quick Summary:

  • Apply through the current windsurfing instructor at the resort
  • Make sure that you look and act professionally
  • Resorts look for employees who are enthusiastic, energetic and motivated


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