Scuba Instructor Interview

Dawn Murphy worked as a SCUBA diving instructor for a resort in the Caribbean and told us about her experience.

Where Did You Work?

I worked at Club Med in Cancun for 6 months and with this particular company you are transferred at the end of every contract, which allows you to see the world. I would have been sent to Turks and Caicos Islands if I had worked there full time – a friend of mine went to the Philippines. It’s great because you meet people from all over the world.

This Interview Provides you with the Experiences a SCUBA Diving Instructor Has Had on the Job

How Did You Get Into SCUBA Diving?

I have always loved diving because both my parents where divers and I started SCUBA diving at a young age. Diving is my passion and I enjoy taking others down underwater to experience the magnificent life down there. I took the instructor exam after being a dive master for a few years to share what I love with others.

You get to see a whole new world down there that you can’t even see just by snorkeling. I love the look on people’s faces when they see the cool stuff underwater for the first time. No two dives are ever the same and anyone can enjoy this, even if they are not in the best physical shape.

Tell Us About Your Typical Day

Well, first you have to have breakfast with the guests, usually getting up around six in the morning. After that you go down for the morning dives. Normally there were 2 dives each morning, each group with 120 people in it. In between the dives you have to clean everything, reload the tanks, and prepare for the next group.

Then we would take an hour long lunch break and hang out at the beach as we were only 20 minutes from the main resort. In the afternoon we would teach lessons. Those who signed up for lessons would get 5 per stay and the first lesson basically consists of giving them a talk in land. Then you have to move to a contained area and eventually move onto a full dive on the 5th lesson. With this certificate, the students can dive at any Club Med.

The lessons end at 5:30, so we had to rush back to the main resort to get showered and ready to go down to dinner with the guests at 7. At the end of dinner each night there is always some kind of entertainment like a disco, cocktail party, dancing and more. We were required to attend these for at least half an hour, but of course when you are having a good time you tend to stay out late.

What Would You Say to Those Interested in Being a SCUBA Instructor?

Well, I enjoyed every minute, and if you love meeting new people and seeing the world, then you will definitely love your SCUBA instructor job. This is one of those dream jobs where you find out how to make a living from doing something you love.

I made a lot of great memories working at Club Med as a diving instructor and I would do it again in a heartbeat if I was 20 years old again! You are living in paradise right on the beach and having fun while making money. Not many people can say that. Everyone is happy and I always said to myself, this is the life!


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