Windsurfing Instructor Job Issues

Windsurfing is a thrilling sport that always offers surprises, so it is hard to think that there will be any issues with the job. There are, however, some challenges that you might come up against in your endeavor to find a resort job which you should be aware of.

Windsurfing Instructors Should be Prepared to Work Long Hours

What is Expected of a Windsurfing Instructor at a Resort

At a resort, as opposed to working for yourself or for a club, you will be more than just the instructor. You are also the admin person, the cleaner, the equipment handler and more. You basically have to do more than one job and you must be prepared for that.

Resorts tend to hire more than one person for their instructor jobs, so you should also be prepared to work under a hierarchy starting at the bottom when you have no experience and working your way up. You will also need to be available to work in shifts and when you are not teaching lessons you will be doing other work, such as preparing lessons, maintaining the equipment, and checking everything carefully for the next day or for your next lesson.

Resorts will hire windsurfing instructors themselves, but certain resorts that are perhaps smaller and located on the beachfront will simply contract the lessons and tours out to a local windsurfing store on the beach. Some of these stores will offer windsurfing instruction for more than one resort. The main challenge in this is getting clients to book lessons in order to make money, so salesmanship is required.

Challenges of Being a Resort Windsurfing Instructor

One of the most difficult things about being a windsurfing instructor at a resort is the odd working times and long hours. You will have to take lots of groups every day and will always work on the holidays when people are staying at the resort. You will also find that you don’t get that much time to yourself, in between planning lessons, cleaning, looking after the shop, teaching and attending the compulsory dinners and social events with the guests.

Another thing that is quite hard to deal with then you are young is the lack of experience. Many resorts will not hire inexperienced windsurfing instructors, so it might require you getting an internship and studying under the lead instructor at a resort.

Due to the nature of the resort business, you will not have a lot of time to build up a report with clients. You will need to make a good impression right away so that you can get the most out of the lessons as possible and build up the confidence of those who are windsurfing. You also need to make a connection so that you can get recommended to future guests and also get loyal returning customers.

The lives of a lot of people are in your hands, and this can be a lot of pressure and stress. Some people can handle it and deal with it, but for others, the huge responsibility can become an issue.

One of the issues that people have with working as an instructor at a resort is the pay. You are normally paid per hour and this is not always suitable for some people. Resort workers tend to get paid less, but this is offset with all the other benefits you get such as accommodation and meals, and a great lifestyle.

Quick Summary:

  • You may be expected to work long hours.
  • You will need to help with the cleaning and maintenance of equipment.
  • The pay is hourly and can be quite low.


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