Resort Massage Therapist Jobs

A massage therapist provides the guests at a resort with exclusive massage treatments at the resort spa which are often the most popular of all resort spa treatments.

Resort Massage Therapists Provide Relieve Stress and Tension in their Guests

These treatments can range from head, neck and shoulders to full body relaxation massage, and encompass many techniques including Swedish, hot stone, Indian head massage, Thai therapy, Shiatsu, acupressure and more. Resort massage therapy jobs are usually offered on a contract basis of 1 year, but you can find seasonal jobs as well. You will work alongside other massage therapists and will get the chance to massage many different clients. This will also give you the opportunity to learn many other types of health and wellness treatments and techniques such as body wraps and body scrubs which can be very beneficial if you want to start your own business one day. You are always given the opportunity to continue your education and while you are working you can continue to learn new techniques and treatments methods.

Massage therapy jobs at resort spas often provide entry level therapists the chance to work under a supervisor and with other therapists in order to refine their technique. They usually enjoy the experience of working in gorgeous destinations all around the world, even thought the pay is minimal, and benefit from the experience. As an entry level massage therapist you should only work 3 shifts a week giving about 15 to 20 massages. According to one experienced therapist and trainer, “This is really the limit for anybody and when you start out you need to pay close attention to your body and what you can handle.”

Quick Fact: Massage therapy is said to be one of the best careers to get into because of its growing popularity in the wider public and recognition by the medical community.

Job Responsibilities

Aside from providing the massage treatments offered by the resort spa, you will also have to perform other duties such as cleaning and preparing the massage rooms for the next client, cleaning and tidying the waiting area each day, lighting candles, setting the mood with aromatic scents, and playing soft music to create the perfect atmosphere. You will also be responsible for your bookings and must ensure that you log every treatment completed and payment made unless there is a cashier at the spa.

You are responsible for the well being of the client when they are in your care, so you must be alert at all times, paying attention to the client and to how they are handling the treatment. You must also know when certain treatments are not recommended for certain people, such as pregnant women. Your responsibilities include telling the client what to do after their treatment to relax even more and to prevent headaches and other ailments, (e.g. telling them to drink lots of water).

Did You Know? At a resort, you will not be required to find your own clients, like you would at a private therapy studio or working for yourself.

Job Requirements

A resort spa relies on its massage therapists and other treatment professionals to all work together as a team, and communicate effectively with each other. The job is also customer service based, so you will have to be friendly, smile a lot and make your clients feel welcome and comfortable. You can chat to them if you like, but be careful of getting too personal, and also remember that in this setting you are on a time constraint.

You usually have a few massages lined up one after the other, so you have to keep to your times, quite strictly, but without the client feeling like you are rushing to get them done.

Sales experience is an aspect of a massage therapist’s job at a resort that you don’t often think about, but very often spas require their therapists to sell various products.

As a massage therapist you will need to have undergone professional training in any number of treatment methods, and must be licensed in your state to perform massages on people. You can become a spa practitioner with one year of training and this will be enough to get you most spa resort jobs, but you can also become a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) if you complete 2 to 3 years of study in Canada.

You must be good with dealing with people, especially those who are stressed out and sometimes in pain, which is why they come to you, but at a resort, mostly you will find that clients are given vouchers to attend a therapy session and are honeymoon couples, moms on vacation, and the more elderly vacationers.

Generally massage therapists are of an average age of 45 and schools cater mainly for more adult students, however, this does not mean you cannot become a massage therapist straight out of high school, but the industry is more geared towards teaching slightly more mature people which you should be prepared for.

Salary & Benefits

As a massage therapist working at a resort spa you will generally be paid a wage of around $30 to $50 per massage, but you can supplement this with tips. Most vacationers tip very well for a relaxing massage session, but the industry standard is between 10 and 20 percent. You will also not have to pay for accommodation, as lodgings on the resort grounds or nearby is provided as are your meals. Other benefits include dental and medical insurance, discounts on resort facilities and more.

Quick Summary:

  • Massage therapists can make over $100 per massage and still get tips on top of that.
  • Massage therapist at resorts work in a team.
  • You get to work in some of the best locations in the world.


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