Resort Tennis Instructor Jobs

Tennis Instructors or coaches, also called tennis pros, normally find exciting work at a resort and can spend their time doing what they love – playing tennis, whilst also teaching others how to do it.

Tennis Instructors Generally can Find Work Where Tournaments are Often Held

Tennis instructors normally prefer to work at specific tennis resorts where regular tournaments are held, but tennis instructor jobs are available at almost any resort or hotel where the sport is offered to guests as a fun holiday activity.

The job of a tennis instructor will be not only to provide expert assistance and training for adults, but children’s tennis lessons are also offered. The tennis instructors must be prepared to take group lessons as well as private training sessions. Aside from the fitness aspect of it, tennis is also offered for vacationers who want to keep up with their training, such as school going youngsters who are aiming to go pro one day. Tennis is also offered as a learning experience for beginners.

Quick Fact: Lessons are usually offered in 30 minute, 45 minute and 1 hour sessions.

Job Responsibilities

Your responsibility as a tennis instructor is to provide expert training for all ages of tennis enthusiasts, at various levels of proficiency. You are not only responsible for teaching people how to play tennis and explaining the rules, but also giving advice about how to perform certain techniques, general health and fitness advice, and offering equipment advice. Many lessons involve teaching the students about cardio training and stamina.

You are also responsible for providing the guests with the balls and racquets to use at the resort tennis courts and ensure that the equipment is also well looked after. You must ensure that the water towers are filled, the nets are set up correctly and check them for damage, and work the shop restringing racquets as well as selling proper tennis uniforms, shoes and more.

The actual tennis courts will also fall under the duties of the tennis instructor at smaller resorts, so you will have to understand how to maintain a tennis court, service the ball machines, and also open up each day for lessons, as well as lock everything up when you are done.

Did You Know? Some resorts offer night lessons and have the courts flood lit for night play, so you might have to work evening shifts as well as take lessons during the day.

Job Requirements

As a professional who is hired for his or her expertise, the requirements for a tennis instructor position will be mainly geared towards your professional tennis experience. You must be a tennis player yourself and it will be beneficial if you have won some tournaments or succeeded to a certain degree in your own professional career as a player.

You will also need to be qualified or certified to coach tennis by an accredited tennis training institution, and most resorts and hotels will expect to be given a qualification along with your resume when applying for the post. Aside from the documentation, tennis instructors will need to be physically fit and be able to connect with different cultures and types of people.

You need to be friendly and patient with your students and be a good communicator. Any other teaching experience you have will be highly beneficial. Generally you will work for 5 or 6 hours per day instructing and then spend some time working in the tennis shop or doing admin work.

Salary & Benefits

Working at a resort will see you earning more money that being a high school instructor or working for a tennis club. The amount will vary depending on the location and type of resort, but generally resort tennis instructors will earn between $33 and $36 per hour. According to SalaryQuest, the maximum salary offered for a tennis instructor is $52,000. 

Quick Summary:

  • Tennis Instructors can earn up to $52,000 per year.
  • Duties include on the court instruction, shop duties and admin work.
  • You must be a certified instructor in order to get a resort job.


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