CIA Student Opportunities

The Central Intelligence Agency offers several highly-competitive college programs for students who would like to have a career with the CIA.

Here are Some Student Opportunities Within the CIA

The best place to find detailed information and application instructions is the CIA website, but here’s an overview.

Undergraduate Scholarship Program: For high school seniors planning to attend a four-year college or college sophomore currently enrolled in a four-year program. This program was designed for economically disadvantaged students, and it offers an annual salary with real-world work experience in the summers.

Undergraduate Co-Op Program: Undergraduate Co-Ops spend three semesters working directly for CIA. During that time, students get a unique opportunity to work with intelligence professionals and lay the groundwork for their future career network. They get real-world work experience, and they have the opportunity to show off their potential as a future full-time hire. CIA accepts candidates in a range of fields, from engineering and computer science to foreign relations and languages.

Undergraduate Internship: This government internship is similar to the Co-Op, but with a two-semester (or one-semester, one-summer) work commitment.

Graduate Studies Program: Is targeted toward students studying international affairs, languages, economics, geography, cartography, physical sciences and engineering.


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