FEMA Careers – Program Analysts and Contract Specialists

Contract Specialist Jobs

When the government needs to buy something, it can’t just go out to the Home Depot and put it on the charge card. There are very specific rules and procedures involved. First, the government has to let vendors know that it needs to buy or build something. Then it must allow vendors to make an offer. Usually, many vendors want to sell to the government, so someone must evaluate all the offers that come in and decide which one is the best. Then, someone must make sure that the vendor fills the order in the appropriate way, and that all procedures are followed at every step in the process. In order to make sure this process is completed properly, the government must have specially trained contract specialists. Usually, contract specialists have a college degree with some course work in business, finance, purchasing or economics (but not always). In this job, prior experience with contract management is extremely important. Applicants must be US citizens and must submit to a background check. The pay range for this job is $58,916 – $91,801 per year. To apply for this job, view current openings on USAJobs.gov. Be sure to match up all of your skills with the job’s requirements. Submit your application packet, which must contain the job number, your contact information, resume and work experience, to [email protected].

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Program Analyst Jobs

Program analysts at FEMA work in a range of different capacities, but one thread seems to be common: they coordinate between different parties to make sure everyone understands what the others are doing.

Examples include coordinating between state and local authorities on how to best respond in a time of crisis or coordinating on the best kinds of technology to use in an emergency.

The jobs are located in different locations throughout the US, and they are not entry-level positions, but require more experience. Another requirement is that applicants be US citizens and be able to pass a background check. The pay range for this job is $73,848 – $114,158 per year.

To apply for this job, visit USAJobs.gov and check out the Knowledge, Skills and Abilities for the specific Program Analyst position for which you wish to apply. The requirements for knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs) will differ between specific job functions. Once you read through your job’s KSAs, write a narrative statement explaining how your experience fits with that particular job. Submit your narrative statement, resume, and other supporting information to [email protected].

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