CIA Hiring Information

CIA Job Requirements

The CIA has very high standards for hiring. Some suggestions they offer on their public website for people who may be interested in CIA agent jobs are:

Here are the Hiring Practices of the CIA
  • Be a U.S. citizen
  • Strengthen verbal and written communication skills
  • Keep a clean record-that means absolutely no involvement with illegal drugs and no criminal activity at all, because no one can work for the CIA without a security clearance
  • Hone foreign language skills

The CIA Hiring Process

Due to the sensitive nature of the work, the hiring process for the CIA can be slower than what you would expect if you are accustomed to private industry. Successful applicants must go through a rigorous background investigation and physical and psychological testing.

Not surprisingly, the CIA recommends discretion in the hiring process. It would be difficult for you to become a very effective information-gatherer if you have let everyone know that you plan to be a spy one day. So keep a low profile-that’s what all the good spies do. Conduct some surveillance operations of your own and check out for helpful tips and information, keep your record squeaky-clean and get excellent grades. Then submit your resume online and be patient.

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