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With the rise of email and advancements in automated routing of mail, the nature of the Postal Service has changed, and their hiring needs are changing as well. Dean A. Rogers,
District Complement Coordinator in the Merrifield, VA office of the USPS, said that the postal service has seen a decline in hiring recently. Getting a postal service job is harder these days.

The U.S. Postal Service Has Gone Through Significant Changes in the Past but Still Needs Qualified Individuals to Work

In fact, the office has been allowing attrition and retirement to reduce the workforce over time, and has been offering some early-out incentives for postal clerks, supervisors and carriers. In the future, Rogers predicted, the greatest hiring needs will be for non-career employees (like hourly workers on temporary assignments, which might last from four months to a year or more. The greatest need will be for rural route postal carriers.

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In fact, these temporary positions in rural areas may be good opportunities for people who are left in a “transitional” state by a turbulent economy, or those who are waiting for a longer-term appointment that would require a lengthy background investigation process.

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