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Have you ever lived in an apartment? They are a typical form of housing for people all over the world. Anyone who has rented an apartment has dealt with an apartment manager.

Apartment managers, or property managers, run the day-to-day operations of apartment buildings and complexes. They are essentially a middleman between the apartment’s tenants and the owners and investors of the apartments. It is their job to manage the apartment complex as a profitable business, where they deal with financial aspects, maintenance, marketing, and customers in a professional manner.

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An apartment complex could be 10 units or several 100, either way, managing an apartment complex takes lots of work. The first step is to make sure the apartment has tenants. The apartment manager is responsible for marketing and advertising vacancies in newspapers, websites, bulletin boards, and local shops. Open houses and scheduled showings also attract potential tenants. The potential tenants must be screened. All screening must be in compliance with Fair Housing Laws. Finally any questions must be answered and the legality of any contracts and leases must be explained. Filling apartments with good tenants makes this job much easier.

The apartment manager is also responsible for the maintenance of the building. In order to keep the building running smoothly relationships must be established with general contractors, lawyers, cleaners, plumbers, landscapers, groundskeepers, newspapers, and snowplow drivers. This way simple problems can be fixed quickly – snow removal, landscaping, home improvement, cleaning, painting. Being able to do-it-yourself is also helpful.

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Typically the apartment manager, or one of his workers, lives on site in order to be available around the clock to deal with tenant’s suggestions, complaints, concerns, and emergencies. The apartment manager’s presence ensures that the tenants follow the rules – no pets, no parties, number of residents, parking issues. Apartment managers are also available to handle any plumbing, electrical, heating, or rodent emergencies.

If tenants don’t follow the rules or they are late on payments, the apartment manager must track them down and lay down the law. He may have to issue warnings, oversee evictions, and deal with people trying to find loopholes in leases. Having the tenants stay current with payments is essential because the apartment manager is responsible for collecting rent, paying bills, handling security deposits, controlling costs, and managing bank accounts. Reporting this information to the owners and investors is mandatory because they want to see their apartment rental business succeed.

If you want to start a career in apartment management, it is a good idea to first have experience in property management, the apartment industry, real estate, marketing, or management. Earning a Real Estate Broker License to understand laws, regulations, and contracts is also a good idea.

The National Apartment Association offers a Certified Apartment Manager certification too. Contact apartment buildings and scan the local papers to see what jobs are available. It is common for apartment managers to hire helpers, which is a great way to gain experience.

As the world population quickly approaches 7 billion, apartment management is going to be booming. Apartment managers average $13 per hour or $21,000 to $100,000 per year. The average salary is $56,000. Some receive a place to live on site and others receive commissions on how many units they fill. Wages depend on where you work and the size of the complex you manage.

Apartment managers have their hands full dealing with everything that goes on at this busy job. If you think you’re ready to handle the day-to-day operations of an apartment complex, apply for a job as an apartment manager.

Quick Facts About Managing Apartments

Job Title: Apartment Manager, Property Manager
Office: Apartment Complexes, Apartment Buildings
Description: Manage tenants and day-to-day operations of apartment complexes
Certifications/Education: High School education, Real Estate Broker License
Necessary Skills: Knowledge of leases and contracts, Management skills
Potential Employers: Landlords, Investors, Apartment Complexes
Pay: Average is $13 per hour or $21,000 to 100,000 per year, average is $56,000

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