Arborist and Tree Surgeon Jobs

When was the last time you climbed a tree? Did you know that without trees on this planet you would die. They play a crucial role in our ecosystems by producing oxygen. But who looks after our trees?

An arborist, or tree surgeon, specializes in trees. They plant, prune, rescue, nurse, and maintain individual trees. They are highly trained tree huggers that work hard to keep trees healthy. Essentially they are like a doctor for trees.

Arborist Working on Project

Arborists have a vast knowledge of trees. They definitely know the difference between an elm and an aspen. They can identify all types of trees, diagnose problems, and help keep a tree healthy. Normally they will specialize in a location – trees in Northern California are very different from trees in Florida. Arborists understand the tree lifecycle and know how environmental factors affect a tree’s health. Note – while you’re visiting JobMonkey see the reforestion jobs section of the Website, too.

Arborists tend to work for individuals, parks, cemeteries, golf courses, estates, vineyards, and landscape architectural groups – all places where trees are important. An arborist may be hired for a variety of reasons. They may plant trees around a new garden, prune limbs that interfere with power lines, nurse a tree suffering from an odd tree disease, spray a tree with pine beetle protection foam, remove a tree that is dead, or move a tree that has its roots digging into a driveway. Each tree has its own needs and that makes every job unique.

Arborists don’t focus on the whole forest. Instead they focus on individual trees. Arborists can plan on getting dirty while they work. They will be digging in the dirt, fertilizing the soil, climbing a tree to saw off a branch, or to inspect a sick leaf. Wiping pinesap from their clothes is a daily occurrence. It’s fun to get dirty.

As with almost any job, there is some office time fielding phone calls and setting up appointments. But the majority of work takes place entirely outside. Work may take you to an aging elm in a cemetery or you may plant aspens in someone’s front yard. People love trees, not only because they keep us alive, but because they are easy on the eye and make us feel a part of nature.

This is a seasonal job from spring until fall – making it a nice compliment to ski resort jobs. But some arborists work year round. A good arborist will truly care for trees. This passion will help with references and enable business to blossom.

A love of nature is necessary to be a real success.

Arborists can find work anywhere that there are trees. Both big cities and small towns need arborists to maintain the trees. Check with local landscape crews or with the local government to find jobs. But also stay up to date with local tree laws like neighbor issues, tree safety, and heritage trees. Be sure to have insurance too – there’s nothing like a pruning job gone wrong.

Most arborists get a degree in landscape architecture, botany, forestry, or some other related field. Then they learn the trade through experience and certification. The International Society of Arboriculture offers a multitude of certifications that cover everything from ethics to aerial lifts.

Arborists are nature loving tree doctors. They get dirty keeping every tree they can healthy and happy. It’s an ongoing job that will never end. But the true joy of this job is giving the world more oxygen. (smile)

Arborist Salaries

Arborist Salary | More details for Arborist Jobs | Salary

It’s a fun job where you get to act like a kid and climb trees – plus you get to save the trees and the world.

Quick Facts About Arborist Work

Job Title: Arborist, Arboriculturalist, Tree Surgeon
Office: Surrounded by trees
Description: Plant, prune, rescue, and maintain individual trees
Certifications/Education: Degree in landscape architecture, botany, forestry, or related field
Necessary Skills: Vast knowledge of trees
Potential Employers: Cities, parks, cemeteries, golf courses, family homes, landscape crews

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