Hotels in Poland

Inexpensive hotels are a good option if you value privacy and anonymity. Frequently you can find decent hotel rooms located near the larger train stations, or even in the center of town.

Finding an inexpensive room often takes perseverance, especially in the bigger cities and more popular tourist destinations. If you plan to find a room on your own, start early in the day. You also can book hotel rooms through a travel agency or booking service. Try any Orbis office, or if you’re in Warsaw, American Express will find you a room for a small fee. Since it might take you the better part of a day to find a satisfactory room, especially if you don’t speak Polish, the fee will be worthwhile. Besides, travel agencies or Orbis offices know much more than you can decipher from tourist guidebooks regarding which hotels are clean, affordable, and conveniently located. Not to mention the fact that someone will speak English.

Outside of Warsaw, European-style hotel rooms (with the toilet and shower facilities in the hallway) can be found for as little as US$10 or $12 per day, and perhaps less if you stay longer than five or six days. In the capital city, you might have to pay US$30 to $40 per night for a conveniently located hotel. Granted, none of the lesser-priced hotel rooms in Poland are going to approach luxurious, but they should be pleasant and clean.


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