Advertising Your Teaching Services in Poland

Posting notices that advertise your services as a native-speaking English tutor can be an effective means of rounding up a few private students, or even the beginning of your own small tutoring service in Poland.

Various bulletin boards that cater to prospective students, such as those found in English-language bookstores and libraries, student lounges, and other businesses that serve the English-speaking community are generally good places to start. If you are truly ambitious, you could even advertise in the local newspaper’s classifieds section. Of course, you would need to be settled enough to have a steady address or phone number (an unlikely scenario in most places in Poland).

The British Council English Teaching Center is a good resource for prospective teachers. By virtue of its name, it may sound like a place reserved for British teachers. The fact is that many expats, regardless of nationality, use the British Council library and its other teaching-oriented resources. At the very least, take a look at the bulletin board where notices for teaching positions often are placed. You can also leave your own notice there.

    British Council English Teaching Center
    Al Jerozolimskie 59
    Warsaw 00-697
    Phone: (02) 628-7401, (02) 628-7401, (02) 628-7403, or (02) 621-9955

If you’re creative and resourceful, there is a good chance you will be able to supplement your regular teaching position with some tutoring on the side.

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