Canadian TEFL Schools

Columbia College CTEFLA Program
6037 Marlborough Avenue
Burnaby, BC V5H 3L6
Phone: (604) 430-6422
Notes: This school offers a CTEFLA program.

Vancouver Community College
TESL Certificate Program
Continuing Education
1155 E Broadway
P.O. Box 24785, Station F
Vancouver, BC V5N 5N2
Phone: (604) 871-7070

International Language Institute
1496 Lower Water Street
Halifax, NS B3J 1R9
Phone: (902) 429-3636
Notes: This school offers a CTEFLA program.

Canadian Cooperative Language and Cultural Studies, Inc.
635 Markham Street, Second Floor
Toronto, ON M6G 2M1
Phone: (416) 588-3900
Notes: This is a nonprofit organization offering an 80-hour TESL course. Emphasis is on adult instruction and understanding students from other cultures.

George Brown College
TESL Department Casa Loma Campus
2 Dartnell Avenue
Toronto, ON M5T 1M3
Phone: (416) 944-4953
Notes: This school offers a part-time, one-year program and is currently considering daytime courses.

Humber College
88 Industry Street
Weston, ON M6M 4L8
Phone: (416) 763-5141
Notes: A sixteen-week graduate-level program is offered once a year, usually in September.

Concordia University
Center for TESL
Montreal, PQ H3G 1M8
Phone: (514) 398-6982
Notes: This school offers a TESL course.
University of Saskatchewan

Kirk Hall, Room 326
Saskatoon, SK S7N 0W0
Phone: (306) 966-5563
Notes: This school offers ESL correspondence courses to students worldwide.


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