Private Schools in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

Private-sector English teaching jobs are the most common type of employment for expat teachers in the Czech and Slovak Republics.

Private schools operate mainly in the mid- to larger-sized cities where the populations of prospective students are large enough and wealthy enough to support them. Teaching jobs in private schools are generally more lucrative and less structured than those found in the public sector. Private schools usually pay their teachers on a cash-only basis, and rarely provide other forms of compensation such as subsidized accommodations or paid vacations. In the Czech Republic and Slovakia, you can expect to make, on average, the equivalent of US$10 to $17 per forty five minute lesson, or from 150 to 250 crowns. Given the slight difference in currency rates between the Czech and Slovak crowns, you might make slightly less per hour in Slovakia, but the lower cost of living in Slovakia should make up the difference.

Private schools are businesses that profit from the tuition they collect from their students. Whether or not the school really looks after the best interest of its students and its teachers depends upon the integrity of the school owner or director. If profit is their only motive, you undoubtedly will find disgruntled students and teachers. These kinds of schools are obviously the ones to avoid because they generally don’t stay in business too long; or at very least, they don’t attract the kinds of teachers and students you will want to spend your time with. Don’t let this dissuade you from pursuing work in private schools, just be aware of the realities. You may often find higher pay at private schools, especially since they usually get their students from corporations and hospitals.

Try to find a school that balances its priorities so that your aims are compatible with the school’s overall goals. Before you accept a position, talk to the school’s teachers and students in order to find out whether or not you might want to work there. There are plenty of good schools that offer classes set up to benefit students. Find out what kinds of support they offer their teachers, too. It’s important to know that your employer values both your position and the benefit you bring the school.

For a list of private Czech Republic and Slovak schools.

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