Using the Classifieds in Hungary

The American-focused Budapest Week, the British-focused Budapest Sun, and the generic Budapest Business Journal are English-language newspapers that publish classified ads listing teaching positions and other available jobs.

Most of the larger newsstands in Budapest carry all three papers, as do some of the businesses that serve English speakers, such as New York Bagels, IX. Ferenc Korut 20, and Bajcsy Zsilinszky ut. 20, phone (01) 131-8554; or Bestsellers bookstore, V. Oktober 6 ut. 11, phone (01) 112-1295.

The contact information for these newspapers is:

    Budapest Week
    VI. Eotros ut 12
    Phone: (01) 268-4002

    Budapest Sun
    XII. Alkotas ut 5
    Phone: (01) 20-4002

    Budapest Business Journal
    V. Ferenciek ter 4
    Phone: (01) 266-6088

There are also two popular Hungarian newspapers that are well known for their free classifieds, and classifieds from foreigners. Keep an eye out for Expressz (daily magazine) and Hirdetes (free classifieds).

Don’t ignore ads that list requirements that you don’t have, such as teaching certificates or experience. Though you may be intimidated by such demands if you don’t fit the bill, it’s worth a try anyway. There usually aren’t enough qualified teachers to meet the demand, so you might be lucky and get hired by a school that needs to fill a position immediately. After all, teachers come and go – sometimes in the middle of a term, without giving notice to their employers. It’s wise to pursue all possible leads, especially in the beginning and particularly if you don’t have experience or a teaching certificate.

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