Eastern Europe TEFL/RSA Schools

The following foreign schools and organizations offer teaching certification, usually RSA, in or convenient to the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, or Hungary:

Here are Some Eastern European TEFL/RSA Schools

    International Language House (RSA)
    Bimbo u. 7
    Budapest H-1022
    Phone: (01) 115-5275

    International House-Krakow (RSA)
    ul. Czapskich 5
    Krakow 31 110
    Phone: (012) 21 94 40
    or (012) 22 64 82

    International House (RSA)
    Moravske Namesti 2
    Brno 602 00
    Czech Republic

    International Language Centers (RSA)
    International House
    Lupacova 1
    Prague 3
    Czech Republic

    Transworld Teachers (TEFL)
    683 Sutter Street
    San Francisco, CA 94102
    Phone: (800) 241-8071
    or (415) 776-8071
    Fax: (415) 441-1326
    Recorded newsletter hotline (415) 995-2554

There are several schools in Eastern Europe that train native speakers of English to teach using their own methods and programs.

Berlitz is probably the best known of these. These schools are not listed here because their specially designed training programs are not recognized universally by private English language schools or public employers. They are geared specifically to fit the structure of the school’s particular teaching methods. If you consider taking a job in any of these schools, just be aware that down the road your experience will come in handy, but another employer may not consider you certified to teach as he would if you had RSA certification.

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