Advertising Your Teaching Services – Czech Republic and Slovakia

For Prague and the Czech Republic, the classifieds on are probably the best way to get your message across—and it’s totally free. New ads are put up constantly, so you might want to repost every few days to make sure that your ad gets high visibility at the top of the forum.

Also, putting up fliers that advertise your services as a native-speaking tutor is a common and often effective way to attract private students.

Bulletin boards that cater to prospective students, such as those found in English-language bookstores and libraries, student lounges, and businesses that serve the English-speaking community are generally good places to start. In Prague, try the library at the American Cultural Center, the Globe Cafe and Bookstore, the British Council (address and more details at as a start. Also try the bulletin board on the first floor of the Arts and Philosophy faculty of Charles University (right off of Staromestska metro stop). In Bratislava, check out the British Council English-Language Resource Center or the Slovak Academic Information Agency (SAIA). If you are truly ambitious, you could even advertise in the local newspapers’ classifieds sections. Of course, you would need to be settled enough to have a steady address or phone number and either know how to draw up an ad in Czech or Slovak or be able to find someone to help you.

The British Council English Teaching Centers, which are located in most major cities in Central and Eastern Europe, are good resources for all prospective teachers. They were set up to further the cause of English-language instruction in general and are not necessarily reserved only for British teachers. The British Council often will furnish bulletin boards, lists of local language schools that hire native speakers, and other English-language-oriented resources.

The British Council has an American counterpart called the American Cultural Center. Though not necessarily as geared toward furthering the causes of English-language instruction, the American Cultural Centers in Central and Eastern Europe usually provide libraries and other resources that may benefit the expat job hunter.

In Prague:

and in Bratislava:

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