Climate of the Czech Republic and Slovakia

The climate in both republics is temperate, though Slovakia’s tends to be more extreme during the winter months. The region experiences four seasons. Summers are generally mild, warmer in late July and August, but rarely hot. Temperatures average in the high sixties and low seventies in most areas. Winters, however, can be bitter cold. Expect snow and ice from November through February. Winter temperatures generally reach the lowest in January and February.

Unfortunately, skies don’t always look so friendly over Eastern Europe. Because brown coal is still burned as a common source of heat and modern pollution controls are lacking, air pollution is rampant in Eastern Europe, especially during the winter months when cold air settles over the land. The Czech and Slovak Republics offer little reprieve from these pollutants, particularly in the larger cities and industrial regions. People who are susceptible to bronchitis and other respiratory problems should consult a medical professional before deciding to spend the winter in certain areas of the two republics, or pack a small pharmacy of over-the-counter cure-alls.

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