Shopping in Hungary

As far as Eastern-European cities go, Budapest is big and cosmopolitan.

You won’t have much trouble finding all the modern conveniences there, but you may have to pay more for them than you would at home. And, as a general rule, the farther you get from the larger cities in Hungary, the more you have to worry about the availability of certain items.


If you’re worried about not finding what you need, consider bringing the following assorted things with you:

  • Birth control – don’t rely on finding condoms and the like on short notice. Quality is obviously an issue here, too.
  • Vitamins – if you’re a health nut, bring your own goodies. They can be expensive in Hungary.
  • Film – particularly if you require the more obscure varieties.
  • Recorded music – the selection is limited in Central and Eastern Europe.
  • Medication – even if it’s sold over the counter at home, it may require a prescription in Hungary. And bring a note from your doctor, if you need to travel with prescription medication.


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