Classified Ads in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

English-language and Czech/Slovak newspapers alike provide classified ad sections with help-wanted listings.

Teaching positions often command large portions of the classified page(s). Given the size of the expat community in Prague, a general news-oriented English-language newspaper exists called The Prague Post. This paper, which comes out every Wednesday, can be found at most newsstands across the country. Or you can go to their website at

Follow up on every ad you find, even if you don’t possess all the qualifications listed. Make a phone call to find out if you might be considered for the teaching position, or better yet, simply show up at the address listed to see if you might get an interview. If you meet some of the needs of the position and if there are not enough fully qualified or experienced teachers to fill the demand, you might just land your first teaching job. Besides, if you talk with an employer in person, you will be able to find out more about the idiosyncrasies of the present job market.

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