Using Classified Ads in Poland

Outside of Warsaw and Krakow it will be difficult to find an English-language newspaper that will provide classified ad sections with listings for teaching positions.

Unlike Prague and Budapest, there are English-language newspapers in cities as large as Warsaw. Perhaps the lack of a younger expat community in Poland has made it difficult for international newspapers to make a viable business. Your best bet in Warsaw is the Warsaw Voice.

If you are truly eager to find a teaching job, follow up on every ad you find, even if you don’t possess all of the qualifications listed. At least make a phone call to find out if you might be considered for the teaching position. Depending upon the time of year and fluctuations in the job market, there simply may not be enough prospective applicants to fill the demand. Besides, if you talk with an employer in person, you will definitely learn something about the job market. It doesn’t hurt to get some practice early on in your search, so that you will know what to expect down the road.

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