Polish Words and Phrases

Like Czech, Slovak, Russian, and a host of others, Polish is a Slavic tongue. If you travel throughout Central and Eastern Europe you will notice many similarities between the Slavic languages, though they are not necessarily mutually comprehensible.

All of the Slavic languages are difficult because of their inherent grammatical complexities. Pronunciation is no simple task either. You will notice lots of unusual punctuation symbols, and a high ratio of consonants to vowels. On the good side, Polish is completely phonetic, and once you’ve mastered the sound combinations, you’re well on your way.

Useful Phrases

Polish is a member of the Slavic language family. Though none of the Slavic languages are considered easy, Polish is completely phonetic. Once you have mastered the various sound combinations, pronunciation comes easily.

Important Words and Phrases

Yes = Tak
No = Nie
Good morning = Dzien dobry
Good evening = Dobry wieczór
Goodbye = Dowidzenia
Thank you = Dziekuje
Please = Prosze
Where is the bus station? = Gdzie jest stacja autobusowa?
Where is the train station? = Gdzie jest stacja kolejowa?
Where is the toilet? = Gdzie jest toaleta?
I don’t understand. = Nie rozumiem.
I speak only English. = Mówie tylko po angielsku.
My name is ___________. = Nazywam sie ___________.


one = jeden
two = dwa
three = trzy
four = cztery
five = piec
six = szesc
seven = siedem
eight = osiem
nine = dziewiec
ten = dziesiec

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