Czech and Slovak Useful Words and Phrases

Czech and Slovak are both Slavic languages. Because Czech and Slovak are mutually comprehensible, only Czech words and phrases will be included in the following list.

If you plan to stay in either country for more than a few months, you will definitely need to expand your vocabulary beyond this cursory list. Slovaks will definitely appreciate any attempts to speak Slovak rather than Czech. Likewise, most Czechs prefer to hear Czech.

Regardless of the linguistic rivalry between the Czechs and Slovaks, both languages are grammatically difficult. So, do your best. And good luck!

    Important Words and Phrases

    Yes = Ano
    No = Ne
    Good morning = Dobré ráno
    Good afternoon = Dobry den
    Good evening = Dobry vecer
    Good bye = Nashledanou
    Thank you = Dekuji vám
    Please = Prosím
    Where is the bus station? = Kde je autobusové nádrazí?
    Where is the train station? = Kde je zeleznicní stanice?
    Where is the toilet? = Kde je toaleta?
    Nice to meet you. = Tesí me.
    I don’t understand. = Nerozumín.
    I don’t speak Czech. = Nemluvím cesky.
    My name is ___________. = Jmenuji se ___________.


    one = jeden/jedna/jedno
    two = dva/dve
    three = tri
    four = ctyri
    five = pet
    six = sest
    seven = sedm
    eight = osm
    nine = devet
    ten = deset

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