Planning your Search for Work in Poland

It’s not necessary to find a job before you leave for Poland.

If fact, it’s not even recommended, particularly if you don’t have formal qualifications and want to find a job with a private school. As with the other countries in Central and Eastern Europe, travel is inexpensive enough that you should be able to visit different areas to decide where you might like to live.

The following organizations should provide you with the kinds of information you need in order to decide whether or not to begin your job search in advance:

    East European Partnership
    15 Princeton Court
    53-55 Felsham Rd.
    London SW15 1AZ
    United Kingdom
    Phone: (441-081) 780-2841

    Academy for Inter-cultural Training
    P.O. Box 2298
    Georgetown University
    Washington, DC 20057
    Phone: (202) 687-7032

    NKJO Network
    c/o S. Pociecha
    P.O. Box 1817
    Wroclaw 46 50-385

    Language for Eastern European Development (LEED)
    41 Sutter Street, Suite 510
    San Francisco, CA 94104
    Phone: (415) 982-5333

    Teachers for Poland
    Hereford Education Centre
    Blackfriars Street
    Hereford HR4 9HS
    United Kingdom
    Phone: (441-04) 32 35 33 63


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