Public Schools in Hungary

Though less popular among native speakers because of their lower pay and bureaucratic nature, public schools can be an excellent source of employment.

Frequently, they offer benefits unmatched by even the best private schools, and they provide an opportunity to interact with the entire community, especially in smaller cities and towns. It’s not uncommon to find public schools that offer accommodations as part of their compensation package, and getting effective assistance with work and residency permits is almost guaranteed. Yes, you might flinch at the following salary ranges. But don’t fear, you can make it if you try. Remember, teaching in Eastern Europe isn’t about getting rich. Public schools in Hungary pay from 25,000 to 30,000 forints per month. And if you really must know the dollar equivalent, it converts to approximately US$190 to $230 per month.

Because public schools are beholden to their community governments, most demand that their teachers be credentialed and experienced. As a general rule the farther you get from the larger cities, the more likely you will find schools that are more lenient about their requirements.

Several offices and agencies are worth contacting if a public school teaching position interests you:

    Budapest Pedagogical Institute
    (Fovarosi Pedagogiai Intezet)
    VIII. Horvath Mihaly ter 8
    Phone: (01) 210-1030

    (This organization recruits qualified teachers for Budapest.)

    Orszagos Pedagogiai Intezet
    VII. Reguly Antal ut 57/59
    Phone: (01) 210-0200

    (This organization recruits qualified teachers for outlying cities and towns.)

    English Teachers Association of the National Pedagogical Institute
    (Pedagogiai Alapitvany)
    II. Boylai ut 14
    Phone: (01) 212-3865

    (This organization recruits qualified teachers for outlying cities and towns.)

    Soros Professional English Teaching Program
    888 7th Avenue, Suite 1901
    New York, NY 10106
    (212) 757-2323

    (This organization recruits certified and experienced teachers for Hungary and other countries in the region.)

These organizations recruit teachers for placement in the Hungarian public school system.

They act much like ministries of education, such as those in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Poland. In order to qualify for these positions, you must have both teaching certification and experience. If you possess a master’s degree, you will be given even more favorable consideration. Remember, most Hungarians, especially in the field of education, appreciate formal qualifications. You shouldn’t consider applying for a teaching position through the Pedagogical Institutes unless you are truly qualified to teach professionally.


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