Private Schools in Hungary

Private schools range from reputable, long-established EFL institutions with thousands of students to small entrepreneurial outfits that spring up every year to meet the increasing demand.

Jobs at these schools are the most numerous and easiest to find. Consequently, it’s worth checking into your prospective employer before you accept a position. As previously mentioned, beware of fly-by-night businesses that care more for the money they can make than their students or teachers.

As in the other countries discussed herein, private school teaching jobs are generally the best source of good pay and reliable hours. You can expect to command rates of 1,200 forints per hour, which works out to roughly US$9. If you get paid a salary, you can count on 40,000 to 50,000 forints per month, or US$300 to $390.

Classes at private schools usually range in size from five to 25 students. Students may range in age from elementary school age to middle-aged adults, while the majority will likely be high-school and college students or business people. Classes usually last 50 minutes to an hour, depending upon the school.


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